SBK:n syyspäivillä Jaalassa / Finnish Borzoiclub's weekend at Jaala


Tekstit tällä kertaa vain englanniksi.

We spent great weekend with Nekku, Otto, Minttu, Niilo and co-owned Miilu.


First walk around the island.

Näytä suurempi kartta

Beautiful but poisonous, "Amanita muscaria".

Very delicious boletus, "Suillus luteus".

On the beach!
This is our favourite place and here we visit atleast once a day.
It's only about 300 meters from cabins.

When the "kids" are playing on the lake, Nekku is sitting and watching. He doesn't like to wet his paws...

Also very good boletus, "Leccinum versipelle".


Longer walk to forest and fields near cabin area.

Otto in short coat. I had to cut it short after a accident with burdock bush a week ago...

Some huge, old boletus.

This is great and delicious woolly milkcap, "Lactarius torminosus".

Again "Leccinum versipelle", young and fresh!

Again "Amanita muscaria" with great autumn colours.


Saturday was the resting day for dogs, while I was enjoying coursing competition and selling Designdog-collars with my mascot Minttu.

Going to evening walk! And of course to the lake. :)

Looking for stick that Terhi threw to them...

..and Minttu has found it!

What a place to lie down...


Some miscellaneous shots from Sunday.

Nekku and Otto posing on evening light when sun goes down.

Hatsina K-litter, 7 weeks.
These are Minttu's and Otto's cousins.


Last walk to the lake before packing cars and going home...

Nekku still doesn't want to wet his paws...

I will end this gallery to The Best two photos from weekend, I took these about 10 minutes bufore leaving the beach.
Probably these are the best photos in whole year. :)